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Incredible Atmosphere

A friendly community where the players’ opinions matter. Get involved in the community today!

Unlimited Fun

Every day a new quest, a new adventure, a new world.

A Classic Feel

Taking you back to when games were about the story, the challenge and the thrill.

About The Game

Welcome to the world of Kataria; an enthralling experience that is completely like no other with it’s unique ideology and game-play.

KRPG brings back the classic feel of video games whilst being a fresh experience for everyone involved.

Whilst Kataria is currently still in development, you can still get involved with the active community by signing up to the website or joining the Discord server and getting all the latest news and updates.


Different Worlds


Epic Bosses




Out of the cracks, comes darkness…

The Multiverse and it’s Many Dimensions

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The multiverse of Kataria is one like no other, not only will you be discovering new lands but an entire new way of living. You will get absorbed into the stories, the different personalities and adventures that are to be found in this world. Kataria is a typically peaceful but...
Get Involved

How you can get involved

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What? Do you have experience working on a game or maybe you just want to get involved? That's how I started! I started by writing content on a text based RPG and decided to start a whole new game of my own. Who? You! It's difficult creating a whole new...

So what is Kataria?

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If you've only just clicked on this website then you're probably wondering what exactly Kataria is. Well, Kataria is a role playing game currently under development that promises it's users with an exciting world that's sure to leave people feeling perhaps a little overwhelmed with the amount of content but...
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April 2019 Updates

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Added Functionality Added currency system Added in a questing system which has been tested and runs smoothly Added in NPC dialogue that works nicely with the quest system The basics of the first town has been set up, ready for fresh content Got some swanky new graphics that add to...
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