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So if you’re here then you’ve probably taken an interest in Kataria RPG. The game is well under way and very soon, we’re going to need some testers to help out with catching any issues and offering their opinion and advice. These testers will play a crucial role in helping the development along.

Whilst the release date is still quite far off, a demo is currently being developed so that future players can play a small section of the game to see what they think. This demo is going to be released in the very near future and so that will be any testers first task; to try and break the demo!

To become a tester, you must be able to do certain things and reach certain criteria. It isn’t much but are important so that the development can continue based on what people want.

1. Have a passion for games

If you love to play games in your spare time, then this will be a job you’ll enjoy as you can play Kataria RPG before anyone else and help in the development for it. If you don’t know a thing about games and don’t have much of an interest, this probably isn’t the job for you.

2. Have good communication and reporting skills

To be a tester, you’re going to need to be able to communicate what you’ve found. We need testers that aren’t afraid to speak up about what they did and didn’t like, offer suggestions and provide feedback. Without this, there won’t be much point hiring any testers as we wouldn’t get that crucial information we need to continue development.

3. The understanding that this is purely voluntary

Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to hire the best people there are to test Kataria like some of the top game companies. What we do have though, is the passion to do well and the skills to create something amazing. None of the people working on Kataria get paid and do it simply because they want to. Likewise, any testers will be the same, there is a possibility that users who contribute will get some in-game payment but that might not be until further down the line and shouldn’t be expected.

And that’s it, if you think those three simple points fit into what you want, feel free to get in touch with me (Ember) via the website (there are options to private message someone), through Discord (link on the homepage), or through an email ( I’ll consider everyone and get back to you all within a few days.


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