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You may have noticed a pretty yellow button with black writing appear on the website. The dreaded PayPal donate button.

Yes, we all hate those games where it’s pay to play. I can assure you all, this is certainly not one of those games. It’s one of my pet hates to play a game where you need to invest your hard earned money into getting through the game. Or those ones where the players who pay are so much stronger than those who don’t. Not everyone can afford putting loads of money into buying all the exclusive items and it isn’t fair that those who can have so much more of an advantage.

Of course, donations are always welcome and players will receive small thank you gifts. Nothing that will make them shoot through the ranks, just little freebies to thank them for donating. This could include in-game items when Kataria is released, or even real life items if I decide to create a line of branded products to sell.

If you’re interested please donate here and  donate whatever you feel like, there’s no daft ‘minimum of £5,’ it’s whatever you want to donate whether it be 50p or £5. Either way, it will all go to helping along the development by being able to afford new software and possibly hire professionals to help speed along the development.

Not only will you be helping Kataria, you’ll also be helping yourself. If you donate, you’re probably waiting for Kataria to be released so you’re bringing that date closer. Additionally, I will actually listen to what you guys want and I’ll do my best to implement your ideas into Kataria. Of course I can’t promise everything will go in but I will definitely take everything on board and see what is possible. Trust me, it’s worth donating a little that will go a long way.

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