February 2019 Updates

This month has been a big one and together we’ve done some amazing things; making some amazing progress on the development.

We expect there to be a demo of Kataria RPG coming out very soon so that you guys, who have been waiting patiently, can get stuck in and find out what it is all about.

Added Functionality

  • Player health which is visible and deteriorates accordingly
  • Player levels and experience which are visible. Level goes up when player has enough experience, experience resets to 0 and each time the player will need a higher number of experience to level up
  • Player max health increases when player levels up
  • Player gains experience accordingly – tested thoroughly
  • Created links between the first and second map
  • Added NPC in the second map that will give first quest
  • Added a camera and viewport so that the the display centres on the player and moves smoothly with the player object
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