***RULES – Please Read Before Creating A New Topic***

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    Rules are boring and make us want to yawn, I hear you. But rules are there for a reason, so people stay in line and everyone has a fun time. So please read the following rules, there aren’t many, before you start creating new topics that could potential break a rule.

    1. Pretty much anything goes in the general chat but please bear in mind that the younger generation might see what you post so keep them fairly mild, imagine what you would and wouldn’t want your 13 year old daughter/son seeing.

    2. It’s a pain to have to scroll through hundred upon thousands of       posts so before you create a new topic, double check that it hasn’t     already been posted by someone else. I don’t think anyone wants to   see one hundred topics all posting cute cat pictures, let’s just stick   with the one.

    3. Please keep any nasty comments to yourself, if you don’t like something someone says, say nothing or bring it up politely rather than steaming in with ‘your mom’ jokes. I will not be tolerating any bullying or harassment whether it is one person or a group.

    That’s all for now. Please make sure you follow these rules, they aren’t difficult. Just be nice, friendly and make sure everyone gets along!

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    Works for me

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    Damn, this was supposed to be a locked topic!

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