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Do you have experience working on a game or maybe you just want to get involved? That’s how I started! I started by writing content on a text based RPG and decided to start a whole new game of my own.


You! It’s difficult creating a whole new game by yourself, not quite impossible but pretty darn hard. Because of this I need you guys to jump in and help me out.  Do you think you have a special skill that is being wasted or do you want to try something new that you think you might be good at? This might be the role you’re looking for.


If you want to get involved in the world of Kataria, there’s definitely something for you to get stuck in with. All it takes is speaking up and telling me what you have to offer. Maybe you’re an amazing artists or talented writer, maybe you just love games and what to test it out. Either way, they’ll be something for you! If you’re interested you can either drop me a message using the Community Chat or through the Private Message option. Alternatively you can email me here and let me know what you’re interested in trying.


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March 11, 2018
How i can help. Well to be squished of course.

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