The Multiverse and it’s Many Dimensions


The multiverse of Kataria is one like no other, not only will you be discovering new lands but an entire new way of living. You will get absorbed into the stories, the different personalities and adventures that are to be found in this world.

Kataria is a typically peaceful but vast world. There are different dimensions that make up the world; some could be seen as parallel and very similar to one another whilst others are far different and nothing like any other.

These dimensions make up the multiverse of Kataria and co-exist separately without any interactions; everything has its own dimension that it belongs to and stays there.

Whilst the inhabitants of the multiverse have theories; as you or I might, nobody in the world truly knows what might exist beyond their own patch of universe.

At least that is how it’s supposed to be but lately things haven’t been quite the same. Small rifts between the dimensions have created strange effects on the world. There are now cracks appearing in the world where the different dimensions are colliding into one another and creating a rather unstable place to live.


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