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I figured there are many people out there who want to take up a little hobby of some sort but might not be able to find the tools suited to them.

Therefore, I’m sure there are a fair few who want to take up game development or something relating. So below I will be sharing my favourite tools that I use to work on Kataria and I will be providing the links in case you guys want to try them out.

Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker is the software I use to bring my creations to life. The software itself is very simple and really easy to learn with the many tutorials and forums that are available. There is an online community that assist each other with learning new things and handy tricks that could come in useful creating games.

Game Maker is more common to create 2D game, such as my own. It has a ton of features that make it my favourite. There are endless possibilities that can take a game in any direction and you can even get extensions (some may cost money) to do a number of things.

Game Maker Studio 2 has a free unlimited trial so you can enjoy creating your game with having to save up to buy any good software. You can try for as long as you want before you decide to buy it, if you decide to buy it at all!



GaleGraphics is the software I use on my laptop to create the art for Kataria. There are some amazing features to create good pixel art including the ability to create small animations.

GraphicsGale lets users draw straight lines and curves with ease with settings for the app to automatically draw them for you; perfect for a learner just taking up pixel art and needing a bit of a hand.

There’s unlimited colours to choose from which makes shading perfect so that your art can smoothly transition from one shade to another. The interface is smooth and simple so there’s no awkward scrolling up and down a page and no hurrying the mouse back and forth. I use the built-in mouse on my laptop and I find it ideal.


Yes, you might be thinking that Google is a little lame as a tool, but everything you need you can find on google! I take a lot of inspiration from Google, if I need some help with some art, I will look on Google Images for some ideas. If I get stuck with a line of code, I use Google to point me in the right direction. It’s easy to access, free to use and will probably give you more information than anywhere else so don’t be afraid to use it! Hell, I use it every day and I’m rarely disappointed.

Donjon Generators

How many times have you been stuck for an idea? Whether it be the name of character,  the map of a dungeon or the content of a shop, we all get a bit stuck on ideas every now and then so this site is perfect to gain some ideas and inspiration.

Donjon has over 20 different generators on it that can be used to gain all sorts of game ideas. You can create your own calendar, including the moons and their cycles, a ton of names for villages, characters and even beasts, the populations of cities broken up into the different genders, job roles and such, it really is endless and perfect to help a game move smoothly on. There’s even an adventure / quest generator to give you ideas on quests for your players to go on.


So what do you think of my favourite tools? Do you think there’s anything that should go on my list? Feel free to comment your opinions in the comments and help give out more tips to those who might be interested in starting a project.


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