So what is Kataria?


If you’ve only just clicked on this website then you’re probably wondering what exactly Kataria is.

Well, Kataria is a role playing game currently under development that promises it’s users with an exciting world that’s sure to leave people feeling perhaps a little overwhelmed with the amount of content but nonetheless impressed and eager to learn everything that the planet has to offer.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this; games are becoming videos.

What do I mean by this? What I mean is that game developers are so interested in firing out MMORPGs with amazing graphics that they have lost track of what truly makes a good game; the story, the gameplay and the experience. I am bored of the games where the graphics are of the highest quality, just because they look pretty does not automatically make the game good. Most of them even have an ‘autoplay’ mode so you don’t get the chance to even play! You just sit and watch your character being force-fed experience and fancy equipment so that you reach Level 30 before you even have chance to get your hands dirty.

But not Kataria! This game brings back the classic 2D graphics whilst also including a fantastic story and challenging game play that is sure to make players scratch their heads a little and really earn their levels. There will be no force feeding the experience, players will need to work to get somewhere and actually play the game rather than watch a character running to different places on a map.


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