Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Kataria rpg

I have some advice to give you all; never give up on your dreams.

At one point in my life, I gave up on my dream to be a web developer or game developer. And now I’m both!

When I left school, I started to teach myself some coding languages and dreamt of becoming a game developer or something similar. I came across an engine to create games on and I loved it.

However, when I went into college I went down a completely different route; I decided that I would never have what it takes to be a web / game developer so took Public Services, a course that has no use unless you want to be in the public services and my next dream job was to be a police officer.

Then I left college with my degree and felt like I had just wasted two years of my life doing something I didn’t particularly like. Naturally, I started looking for a job, I actually got offered a fancy sounding one that was a door to door sales job in disguise.

Then I came across an apprenticeship in Web Developer and something just clicked. I never had the confidence or belief that I could actually do my dream job but I proved myself wrong.

I went for the job and got it, and in a year, I had a whole years experience and two fancy degrees to pop on my CV. Qualifications are good, but experience is the real winner. I worked hard, learned a ton of useful things and loved the time I spent there.

Though I left there, I found another job as a Web Developer, this time on a proper wage and no fear of having to leave!

The point of my story is, don’t stop yourself from trying to fulfil your dreams. You might have doubts, everyone does. You might lack confidence. You might even lack the skills. But none of that should stop you. Everyone has to start somewhere and why should you live your life wondering about what could have been? If you’re still young, apprenticeships are perfect to get into your dream job; you get valuable qualifications that prove to other companies your worth and you get a year or two experience which is what will really make you stand out.

Don’t give up on your dreams before you’ve even begun!

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